PTYpass is a private investment operational consortium that integrates decades in years of experience and leadership in the respective industries of the partners. PTYpass in conjunction with the Ministry of Health of the Government of Panama has designed a comprehensive trend setting solution that will be the model to follow in the region.

PTYpass provides passengers with an automated process without human contact, with certified rapid tests, the highest standards in data handling and privacy, accompanied by a private medical coverage for COVID for 14 days.

The operational partner for the automation and contactless processes for PTYpass passengers is Fennix Global, a company with 13 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and implementation of solutions for the control of persons deprived of liberty. Fennix Global has vast experience in the successful implementation of private investment solutions around the world.

Thanks to the experience in electronic monitoring and control solutions of its participants, Fennix Global has established a traceability and symptom monitoring solution for participants of COVID programs in the region. This experience combined with the study of the new international requirements of IATA and ICAO have designed a solution without human contact for passengers who will make use of a dynamic QR code that will notify the management platform of all passenger processes.

The operational partner for private COVID medical coverage for PTYpass passengers is Continental Assist, a company with 30 years of experience in the tourism, insurance and assistance industry. Continental Assist's products are reinsured by companies rated A + in the main insurance and reinsurance indicators in the world.

PTYpass passengers will have private COVID medical coverage for 14 days after taking their rapid test. The symptoms of the passengers will be monitored electronically twice a day generating a score according to their responses that will indicate steps to follow with the passengers. Continental Assist is backed by international telemedicine to provide complete coverage to PTYpass passengers.